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As an artist, I explore the lost language connection with materials like willow branches, copper, and soil, drawing inspiration from my childhood and the rich Roma Sinti culture. Through my art, I aim to provoke a question: "How can we find our place in society without losing our authentic selves?" Join me on this artistic journey as we discover the beauty and depth of our cultural heritage.


For me, this lost language has many layers that are

interconnected at a fundamental level.

I am  exploring between rhizomatic learning and the growth of my interest in performance art, reconnecting to my roots and trying to define the lost language(s). 



Have you ever tried to listen to the sound of willow reeds, soil or red copper? What are they telling us? Has storytelling been existing since man first looked up at the sky, or does it go back much further than our existence?

Is there a language of storytelling that existed way long before human languages were invented? Perhaps these languages are everywhere, but somehow, we no longer have access to them. That’s because we are more in our heads than ever before.

I tell stories about my childhood in Slovakia and my Roma roots. Through my performances I try to connect to new stories that my sculptures want to tell.

I feel there is an unspoken language that we understood but which we lost touch with over time. By inviting the materials into the process of creation, we can get a little closer to this lost languae.



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